EUROGEL® Products

To maintain and enhance our leading position, EUROGUM focuses its expertise on carrageenan solutions covering extract carrageenans as well as semi-refined varieties, in Europe called "PES" and in the US referred to as “Natural Grade”.

Further to this, alginate solutions are developed for selected applications and a range of hydrocolloids are available as a service to our customers.

Meat, Poultry...
The MB and MBE series feature a wide range of carrageenan or PES based products for meat.

High water binding capacity, reduced syneresis, improved slicing properties, ease of use, a more juicy and tender eating experience and a nicer appearance are typical benefits obtained by selecting a product from this range.

MBA alginates offer completely new options in meat product development, including superior yield and texture.

Most often our products go into blends tailor-made for the processers of pork, beef, chicken, turkey and fish products, thereby securing the producer - and in the end the consumer – products of unrivalled quality.

Cakes, flan, chocolate milk…
Our CF range is preferred by tart glaze producers and products in the HF portfolio deliver superb sensoric quality to flan and other desserts.

The popular MM range includes products for cream cheese, process cheese and a variety of dairy related products.

For selected non-food uses like speciality pet-food and air freshener gels, EUROGUM possesses a longstanding presence and these areas are still serviced and further developed