Whole Muscle Meat Products

Meat products benefit substantially, when enhanced by a EUROGEL® carrageenan or alginate preparation.

Each solution for the meat & poultry industry is designed to deliver a specific functionality to a specific meat product, and has to pass tough performance tests in our meat pilot plant as well as at the customer.

Whole muscle products injected with a EUROGEL® carrageenans obtain a high yield, but not at the expense of product appearance! The unwanted tiger striping can thus be minimised by choosing the right carrageenan. And a delicious, juicy experience can be expected by the ultimate judge – the consumer.

Our know-how and experience secures this mix of crucial qualities by carefully balancing out the gelling, the water binding and the viscosity properties of the individual carrageenan preparation – exactly adjusted to your product and process.
And even better: These benefits are available, whether your product derives from beef, pork, chicken or turkey.

In these classical desserts EUROGEL® carrageenans secure a delightful texture and an optimal flavour release.

Dedicated products are offered to obtain the sensoric quality in ever-popular vanilla varieties, whereas other versions aim at cocoa flavoured flan.

Restructured and Emulsified Meat Products
Restructured products can be taken to a hitherto unknown level of quality – including totally uniform appearance – by selecting a EUROGEL® alginate tailored for restructuring.
The products will withstand heat treatment allowing a ready-to-eat product of good quality. Not only meat and poultry, but also fish products are included in this exciting new application.

Emulsified products can be enhanced with a number of carrageenan or alginate formulations, or what about extending your fat raw material by combining fat with water and a tailor-made alginate solution?